Detective Charlie Womack, male, 35-60

Charlie Womack is a seasoned detective who's dealt with his fair share of shady criminals and deluded nutcases.  A widower living alone without kids, Charlie lives the life of a middle-aged bachelor who gets to live out his Dirty Harry fantasies on a regular basis.

Scarecrow, male or female, 18-65

The Scarecrow is a tall, thin towering menace who uses a hatchet to mete out justice.

Andrea Hunter, female, 30-49: 

Andrea is a successful horror screenwriter whose failed marriage has caused her to self-medicate. Holed up at her beach house with just a laptop and a month's worth of booze, Andrea will soon discover that nothing's scarier than her own twisted imagination.

Detective Frank Gibson, male, 25-39

Frank Gibson is serving his first year in Police Department and has a lot to prove. When he's not chasing leads, he's kept on his toes at home by his wife and two daughters.

Beth Hanson, female, 30-49

Recently married to talent agent Sean Hanson, Beth is a strong-willed woman, fiercely protective of her family.

Sean Hanson, male, 30-49

Sean is a successful talent manager who has had a lot of personal upheaval in the past 12 months. Recently married and looking to start a new family, Sean finds out that moving on from the past could be the hardest challenge of his life.